Good luck with the second sentence

xR86IWe’re reaching the end of November now, so you NaNo writers are long past the second sentence- but we all know that feeling, whether it’s the second sentence of a project or the second sentence that just won’t come after an hour of staring at a stubbornly blank page.

I keep reminding myself that it’s worthwhile to tackle Hour One. You all know Hour One: Time spent typing things like She That day The tall Suddenly, or breaking for an essential snack; Surfing the web ostensibly to look up a synonym for “manner”  or attempting to find pictures to inspire that scene where your characters get into their big fight and push their waiter into a lake, and then spending a quarter-hour scrolling down Pinterest… It’s like the hero of a story fighting the Big Bad: Your brain somehow rebels against the very act of writing, and suddenly 101 tasks become vital to the well-being of the world. Anything besides writing is a good idea. You forget that you’re sitting down in front of a blank page because you love writing, because the truth of your world is built in towers of stories and bricks of words, because if you don’t write your fingers will lose their purpose and your heartbeat will become erratic, because you have a story to tell— or more accurately, a story is being told through you, and sometimes you don’t know why or how (but then sometimes you do).

So as Hour One recedes and Hour Two approaches, you slide into the Writing Zone, slowly, without even realizing it. Your characters walk and curse and laugh, and they are more real to you than the hairy man sipping coffee at the table next to you. The swirl and rush of words that square dance on the page pulls you under, until you are fully submerged in your writing. And that’s why you write.