Second or thirdhand writing advice

It’s NaNoWriMo season again.

I’m struggling to meet my daily writing quotas and realizing anew the power of writing every day.

Here’s a bit of writing inspiration for, well, all of us: I promise it’s concise and worth your while!

May your pen never run dry and your documents always save.


Feminist Halloween

I’m going to leave this one to MarinaShutUp’s brilliant video:

Express yourself (whether that means Pirate Queen or Zombie or Smarty Pants). Have fun. Stay safe.*

*As Marina points out in the video, assaults go up around Halloween. This is not the victims’ fault. Sadly, people do bad things to other people, and because of this, we as human beings must take precautions for our own safety. A self-defense class I took described it like this: If someone is intent on assault or robbery or any other crime, they’re going to perpetrate that crime no matter what (and the responsibility for the crime lies with the perpetrator), and all I can do is keep myself safe to try and prevent that crime happening to me. This isn’t a solution to the ultimate problem of assault, nor can I protect myself from every situation merely by being alert, having a friend around, watching my drink, etc. etc… but it’s still important to do what I can for my safety, and the safety of others. I love that Marina reminds her viewers to look out for other people too, and make sure others are safe. “No man is an island,” as John Donne said; we’re a community, and we need to look out for one another.

Oh, and… Happy Halloween!