Pliers: Part II {The Fairy Tale Ending}

(Note: This is a follow up to my last post on setting up a hide-a-bed for my grandma.)

A week after Grandma and I tested our mechanical skills on the hide-a-bed, I got a call from Grandma saying they were having trouble opening it. I drove over and found my mom, aunt, great-aunt, and grandma, surrounding the bed looking sweaty and frustrated. Apparently, they had been at it for some time, using their combined might to open the bed, with no luck, and Grandma claiming all along that I had pressed some sort of magic button to get the thing going. (Right, no pressure.) Well, I got in there and tugged once on the blasted bar, which responded about as well as a bar set in cement. I tried a second time, bracing the weight of my other hand on the bed instead of the bar, and the damn thing popped open like a bag of chips, exploding into action.

I walked away a hero that night.


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